Christiane Seletto

Christiane Seletto is a qualified yoga instructor
Qualified Level 2 Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia), International Yoga Nidra Teacher (Amrit Institute), Member of Meditation Association & Gita World. Founder & Principal of Yoga Keys est. in South Gippsland since 2011.

Albert Einstein:

The ideals which have filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty and truth.


Yoga is my life.

My passion for nature and people began from an early age. At 21, I embarked on what would be a life changing journey to Australia. The kind-hearted nature of the people and the beauty of the surrounding environment drew me in instantly and compelled me to stay.


My love of nature inspired me to pursue a career as a Landscape Architect. Being a Landscape Architect was very satisfying at the time, but I felt as though there was a part of myself missing. I had a yearning to seek a deeper connection with myself and the wider community. This led me to Yoga.


In 2011 I graduated as a Gita Hatha Yoga teacher – a key moment in my life.


Since then, I have had the pleasure of being involved in the mentoring of Yoga Teacher Trainees, teaching Yoga to students with disabilities as well as conducting volunteer Yoga classes at the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic in Box Hill.


It was this ongoing drive to help others that inspired and motivated me to begin my very own wellness centre – Yoga Keys.


Designed to bring the philosophy and practice of Yoga to the communities of Inner-Eastern Melbourne and South Gippsland. Through classes, workshops and retreats I could help others with their own self-development.


Yoga Keys is where I teach students to celebrate the joy of movement in a nurturing, mindful and revitalising way whilst reflecting on the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of Yoga.


My holistic approach is discovering who we really are, observing nature for inspiration and connecting with our soul for guidance.


I love to teach Yoga in smaller, more supportive classes because I have seen so many times just how well this provides a wonderful environment for personal growth and development. My greatest passion in life is to help my students grow, evolve and transform through the spirit and practice of Yoga.


As part of my desire to upgrade my skills and inspire my students, I continue to study the vast spectrum of Yoga. I have qualifications in Gita Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Progressive Yoga Relaxation (PYR), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Yoga for Children, Prenatal Yoga and Infant Massage and have recently completed the advanced Yoga Nidra professional training – a qualification internationally recognised.


No matter what your age or experience, yoga can be practiced by anyone who has the will to give it a go.


Join me at Yoga Keys and together we can embark on a life changing journey to wellness, flexibility, balance and restoration.