Christiane Seletto

Christiane Seletto Level 2 yoga teacher

Founder & Principal of Yoga Keys est. in South Gippsland since 2011  – Qualified Level 2 Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia) – International Yoga Nidra Teacher (Amrit Institute) – Member of Meditation Association – Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher (Zenergy Yoga)

Raise your consciousness. Nurture your soul. Be inspired and discover who you really are.

The moment you step into the Yoga Keys studio and meet Christiane is also the moment you’ll begin to learn that yoga is so much more than physical exercise.

With a passion for teaching the essence of yoga beyond the physical, Christiane understands first hand how life changing a regular practice can be. After experiencing the stress of studying landscaping architecture for eight years and writing a thesis – especially considering English is her second language – she was introduced to yoga by a friend under the guidance of a teacher in her 80s; a woman who radiated a beautiful energy and wisdom Christiane was immediately drawn to.

Falling in love with yoga instantly, Christiane began practicing regularly as a way to re-balance her week, and help her deal with the pressures of study and work. It wasn’t until many years later, however, as she approached retirement from designing and landscaping beautiful gardens that Christiane realised yoga was her true calling.

Every person is a spiritual being having a human experience.

It was while studying yoga for over 18 months and completing 900 hours of training, Christiane discovered who she truly was. Combined with five years teaching yoga as a volunteer at the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic in Box Hill, she learnt humility and compassion, and realised it’s not the number of degrees you have or money you make, but how you care for others that matters. Helping others is more rewarding than leading a materialistic life could ever be.

Inside Christiane’s studio, yoga is for any and every soul who needs her help or guidance – no matter their age, physical ability or personality. Many of her students find solace in Yoga Keys when they have lost their direction – as a way to help with anxiety or depression, or after experiencing a wake up call or trauma. As a teacher, Christiane is always there to offer her students hope, love, respect and care.

Reliability, safety and authenticity.

Christiane’s most imperative values align closely with her personal motto; in the wise words of Albert Einstein, “The ideals which have filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty and truth”. She takes her yoga teachings into every aspect of her day; from sunrise meditation and walking, to gardening, cooking, reading, surfing and spending time with her grandchildren. She adores entertaining others, including cooking a special Christmas dinner for her yoga students at the end of the year, and is passionate about the environment and protecting our planet.

She inspires others by simply being herself – a dynamic, nurturing and resilient spirit sharing the wisdom she’s learnt, speaking with conviction and love, and seeking trust in others. From the moment you step into the Yoga Keys studio, you will step into the safe and nurturing hands of Christiane and with her guidance, embark on a journey of your very own.