Jacki Deering

Jacki Deering yoga instructor at Yoga Keys

Yoga changed my life.

My first experience of yoga was unplanned. I was walking past a studio one day and the teacher came out and said “Would you like to try yoga? Beginners starts tonight.”

I hesitated at first but decided to take the plunge. I’m so glad I did. After completing one term of classes, it completely changed my life.

Physically I became fitter and more flexible, and it made me begin to think differently.

Changes were gradual, but overall I felt more positive about work and life and more motivated to move more and eat better.

I didn’t understand how one class a week could have such an effect, but as I began to understand the Gita yoga system it all started making sense.

I grew up in South Gippsland and have had some time living in the big city. Since then I have returned to buy a beautiful property and raise my boy the country way.

I never did appreciate our local area until I had moved away, but now I realise how lucky we are. I like to get outdoors, making the most of nature and the seasons.

Completing my Yoga teacher training was an amazing experience. I’m most excited to share what I know.

My career as a hairdresser has also been rewarding. Mainly because I am able to help others feel better about themselves.

My other passion is nutrition and have recently qualified as a nutrition coach.

Health and happiness is a balancing act for most of us, and a constant work in progress. I like to think of it as a triangle – when all sides are in balance we feel good.

  • Mind – knowledge is no weight to carry.
  • Body – nurture the physical with movement and good food.
  • Spirit – take some time to be quiet, most answers are within.

I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years now and I still love it.

As a part of Yoga Keys, I feel inspired to help others live their best lives yet!