New Moon Meditation

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Meditate and reflect on what has gone well for you in your life and what has not.

This new moon is an opportunity to make changes and a time when we can put our intentions into action and make our thoughts a reality.

It is a time to pause in our busy lives, formulate intention and release your emotions.

At Yoga Keys we believe what you think becomes your action and energy follows attention.

Join Christiane for a New Moon ritual which involves chanting, gentle stretches to prepare the body, followed by a deep relaxation and nurturing sound meditation.

In this deep peaceful state, you can let your intentions be gently impressed upon your subconscious mind, to be followed by your conscious actions.

Feel a shift in your emotions and allow the vibrations of the sound ball wash through your body and mind to help release any tensions. At our Full Moon Meditation, you will restore your balance and harmony, renew your vitality and serenity.

You will leave feeling relaxed, grounded and re-energised.


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New Moon Meditation @ 6pm-7:30pm (26-Jun-19)show details + $35.00 (AUD)  
New Moon Meditation @ 6pm-7:30pm (31-Jul-19)show details + $35.00 (AUD)  
New Moon Meditation @ 6pm-7:30pm (28-Aug-19)show details + $35.00 (AUD)  
2 x New Moon Meditation @ 6pm-7:30pm (31-Jul-19 & 28-Aug-19)show details + $50.00 (AUD)   Goes On Sale
June 26, 2019
3 x New Moon Meditation @ 6pm-7:30pm (26-Jun-19, 31-Jul-19, 28-Aug-19)show details + $70.00 (AUD)  

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3 reviews for New Moon Meditation

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    Christine P

    What a powerful and enriching experience. I enjoyed sharing my personal feelings with our yoga family. The meditation afterward was relaxing but also quite emotional. Most calming. Loved it

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    Bec G

    What an amazing, enriching experience. Highly recommend to anyone. Felt like I was floating on a cloud afterwards.

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    This was my first full moon meditation, what a perfect way to end the week. A beautiful, calm inviting environment, a group of like minded people, yoga stretching followed by a relaxing 1 hour meditation. Highly recommend trying this .

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