Prana In Motion

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Sometimes with our Yoga practice we put so much emphasis on ourselves to “get it right” – to master our alignment, to coordinate our breath and to focus our attention that we neglect our inner Prana.

Prana translates to “vital life force” and is the energy that exists within and around our physical body.

Throughout this class you will learn how the inner wisdom of prana is allowed to guide the body, as opposed to the will of the mind.

By doing this we allow movement to become spontaneous and un-choreographed.

With each session you will learn how to master breathing techniques, meditations and postures.

You will also experience a short session of Yoga Nidra.

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2 reviews for Prana In Motion

  1. Avatar

    Christine Beehag

    Challenging, demanding but also relaxing. A very satisfying feeling at the end of each class.

  2. JD


    Challenging at first, slow and mindful is not my strong point. Over time my racing mind let go of expectations and it soon became my weekly highlight. The combination of Hatha yoga with the Nidra and meditation combined is truly special, had me sleeping great and cruising through the week.

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