International Guest Speaker 2020: Dr. Stuart Sovatsky

Dr. Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D

Dr. Stuart Sovatsky

International Guest Speaker 2020

In 2020 Yoga Keys will be welcoming renown international guest speaker, Dr. Stuart Sovatsky.


About Stuart Sovatsky

Stuart Sovatsky (AB, Princeton, PhD, CIIS, is a full-time kundalini-bhakti yogi and was a relationship therapist for 45 years ,Clinical Director of Blue Oak Counseling in Berkeley 1990-2016, grantwriter, green large-scale real estate developer, conference-convenor, international keynoter, world-performing anahata chantmaster, bestselling author of books on kundalini tantra (inlcuding the first on partner-yoga), Wittgenstein and psychotherapy…

…He began sacred chanting in 1960 in Hebraic nigune with Cantor Max Rubin of the Krakow Conservatory and in 1976 received anahata-nad via nabho mudra [tongue-quivery-vocalizing mudra] initiation via Swami Kripalvanand…

…He was first choice to codirect Ram Dass’s “prison ashram” and first in the US to bring yoga to incarcerated youth with a Federal grant and the homeless mentally-ill in the 1970s…

…including instigating a county prosecutor investigation of possible abuse in Boarding homes and founding a yoga center in 1977 that led to being selected to the 1977 Outstanding Princeton Alumni Careers Panel….

…He has been quoted in the New York Times on the historical Indic origins of yoga and was an interviewed expert on tantra for Wm Broad’s book, The Science of Yoga.

A student leader during the beginnings of school integration in the 60s, an anti war activist in the early 70s, conducted earliest dmt rat behavior laboratory study in 1970…

…created first yoga and meditation for incarcerated juveniles federal grant, co-founder in 1976 of Youth Services Bureau Atl Co, co creator of first action services in 1977 for flophouse psychiatrically troubled persons to include yoga at

His clinical work with L. Sannella’s historic 1976 Kundalini Clinic catalyzed “spiritual emergence counseling” in US and his colleagues’ modifying the DSM IVR to include v62.89 Spiritual Issues code…

…and included 20years outpatient severe disorders including holistic approaches to acute psychosis, suicidality and homicidality [addressed in his book, Words From the Soul, SUNY Press]

He began Enneagram studies w Claudio Naranjo in 1977 and was selected to co-design the first-ever Teacher Certifications with Helen Palmer and David Daniels in the late 1980s.

In 2002, he was secretly flown to Slovenia to chant 1:1 over the dying chr of Unaligned Nations of the World J Drnovsec, “Gandhi of the [postwar] Balkans”…

…In 2012-13, he was flown to Johannesburg, S Africa to colead trainings in universal spiritual psychology and to lead Sanskrit post apartheid healing chanting rituals.

He was among the first to publish on iatrogenic (therapist-created) massive “multiple-personality disorders” of the 1980s-90s, the psychiatric issues related to heightened states of spiritual faith-forgiveness-love, Buddhist impermanence and suicidal language…Harvard Univ Press is holding his reissue under review…

….he consulted extensively on R Malhotra’s book project “Invading the Sacred” on profound distortions of yoga at the hands of psychoanalytic-developmental pseudoscientists….

…functional (attainment-based) Sanskrit translation of kundalini as endless gestation, urdhvaretas as post adolescence pineal puberty, grihastha as naturally creative lifelong marriage, rasa (hormonal) basis of nondual and devotional states, pariyanga as a Foucauldian ars erotica

…[Michel Foucault personally encouraged his work] based on the genital-pineal puberty of urdhvaretas; sannyasa as post-cultural life purpose, samadhi as body-mind at the Source

…and Ardhanari [Bliss Identity at Source of Gender “Mystery” that offers “bliss” as a resolution of socalled gender-identity fascinations and socio-surgical conflicts, au courant…

…dvaita-advaita as infinite nuances refined “nonduality”, the prana-depths beneath “consciousness,” Avandhana (enlightenment of IQ capacities), khecari mudra as pineal tongue natural tumescence and post-linguistic purpose of hypoglossal ennervation…

…origin of asanas as spontaneous extension of gestational movments in “natural yogis,” melatonin as modern term for Vedic soma-rasa-amrita, bhakti visual and conversational meditation as basis of endless romantic love and unbroken lineage creations.

He has published critiques of the mass-appeal of “ballet pedagogy yoga instruction” and the need to uplift to shaktipat inspired asana manifestations. He maintains that divorce should be seen as a matter of Spiritual Emergence and that it is the most destructive intergenerational problem faced by modern and modernizing socieities, equivalent to man made global warming divergences from “the natural order.” He researches the need for conjoining “Liberal” and “Conservative” viewpoints in the common search for answers to world and familial problems.

His 2014 book on Advanced Spiritual Intimacy shows how tantra supports lifelong creative marriage and security for children and embodied “world family consciousness”, via eroticism based in full maturation of the “seed” retas-bija, thus diminishing the problematics of abortion, divorce and religio ethnic divisiveness via ars erotica-based intermarriage lineages.

His publications are endorsed by Robert Thurman, John Welwood, Ken Wilber, K. Keutzer, S. Menon, P. Bilimoria…

Ronin Press memorialist for Timothy Leary, he was first to note the “LSD” skew that has myopically narrowed East West spiritual exchange and transpersonal focus on “states” of consciousness rather than “bodily based states of full maturation.”

He was first to note misapplication and other problems of naively applying monastic texts and practices from India to modern lives (so called pre-trans ego problem, disembodied spirituality)….

…He has published on universal somatic basis for all charismatic spiritual “traditions” as manifestations of the (unmapped) spinal puberty seen in davvening, zikr,Holy Ghost, “trance dance” uju kaya and kriyas….

…His yogic attainments include natural vajroli mudra and urdhvaretas, anahata-nad sabij samadhi chanting, pranotthana and spontaneous asanas. He created forerunners to “Positive Psychology” based in admiration and Solution Focused therapy based upon acute perception of “micromoments” of progress….

…He pioneered the “admiration response” to apology, the algorithm of reciprocal admiration, the yogic rasa-endocrinology of shared radiance-moods of love, shyness, pride and gratitude and their application to defusing litigation, divorce and other conflict resolutions.

Copresident of 1999-2015, he has directed the first “spiritual emergence” service in the US, Lee Sannella’s Kundalini Clinic, since 1983, and was a 20 year trustee for CIIS and was selected Most Outstanding Alumni 1968-2008. From 1997-2000, he co-founded , the award-winning $34million green-built, Emeryville complex. He has received some $1.5million in research and social action grants.

In 2006-08 he was executive producer and initiating convener of the 40 country World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in Delhi, India where BKS Iyengar, SS Ravi Shankar, Stan Grof, Jack Kornfield, Lama Samten (on behalf of the Prime Minister of Tibet), Karan Singh and Robert Thurman keynoted and Stuart gave the opening Sanskrit benediction and presented Enlightened Whole Cultures, Tantra and Ideal Marriage, and Kundalini.

He is the author of Eros Consciousness & Kundalini (US, Indian, Italian and Russian editions) Words From the Soul, Your Perfect Lips (US and Russian, endorsed by John Welwood) “Euro-Hinduism” in the Columbia Reference on Eastern Religion edited by Robert Thurman and numerous articles and chapters on kundalini tantra, Buddhism and healing, the history of The Bay Area in The Sixties, suicidal linguistics, clinical use of admiration, infant terror, sacred marriage, gender and Buddhist impermanence…

…with academic presentations thoughout the US, India, Europe and in Russia where he leads spiritual retreats and trains therapists was board member for incarcerated juvenile meditation project,

A forty-year adept at anahata-nad spontaneous yogic chanting, Silvia Nakkach called him “one of the 3-4 deepest kirtan leaders in the US” and Sansk Prof Jim Ryan, “Stuart is the John Coltrane of kirtan.” He has chanted in private audiences with Yannous Drnovsec (President of Slovenia and Chair of Association of Unaligned Nations of the World) and the current Perfect Master of Meher Baba Sufism in India and he has three CDs with Axis Mundi, a shaktipat kundalini trance dance ensemble where he pioneered the use of high tech electronics in kirtan chanting to replicated the acoustics of Elephanta Cave chanting of the legendacy, Sri Lakulisha.

He lives as a full time kundalini yogi in Ocala National Forest where he is creating a sustainable bhakti-tantra sangha, as well as in Bozeman, MT. He can be contacted on Facebook

Favorite Quotes

In my life, I loved you more.

The Source of all pleasure is far more intense than any specific pleasure. It is also the Source of all knowledge and is bigger than death — it will carry you through your own deaths. If everyone felt it, there would be immediate sharing of all material wealth, since non-attachment to all lesser pleasures would evoke spontaneous sharing of resources. War and vengeance would end, they just get in the way….


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