Event: Sound Bath Meditation

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A unique therapeutic sound meditation experience.

Unplug from your day-to-day activities, stress and worry and take a calming, blissful sound bath meditation journey that is deeply relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating.


What to Expect

Transport into a Meditative state while listening to a live played soundscape of rich tones, soothing vibrations and mesmerizing harmonies of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, sweet melodic native flutes, rhythmical medicine drums and angelic sounds of chimes.

Peta Minter has over 35 years experience using positive music that combines healing instruments, skills and energies into a beautiful relaxing synergistic soundscape of harmony, rhythm and melody.

Re-energize your mind, body and soul!

Peta Minter from Positive Music teaches Sound Bath Meditation

Meditating while listening to blissful sounds helps to:

  • Alleviate our minds from negative thoughts by focusing on the moment
  • Boost our immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure, stress and tension
  • Increase our sense of calm and peace
  • Improve concentration
  • Sleep
  • Listen
  • Connect with others in a safe environment
  • Bring calm and peaceful consciousness to ourselves
Petya teaches sound meditation at Yoga Keys
Sound bath meditation experience
Listening to instruments while meditation has many health benefits.


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8 reviews for Event: Sound Bath Meditation

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    A wonderful experience. A beautiful way to relax the body and mind. The energy in the room after the meditation was truly amazing. I would not hesitate to partake in this meditation again given the opportunity .

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    Anne Marie Barrow

    Bliss , bliss , bliss – absolute bliss. A full sensory experience as Peta guides us on journey within. Nothing to do, nowhere to be, nowhere to go, no-one wanting anything – just lie down and let go. With no expectations I just open myself to the possibilities of what will be. Each sound bath delivers exactly what I need. Pure heaven.

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    Aiko Starkey

    Peta created a relaxing and peaceful space filled with the calming sounds of the singing bowls, flutes, chimes and gongs etc., all harmonized so perfectly for us to bathe in and meditate. Thank you, Peta and Christiane.

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    I am so grateful to Christiane for bringing Peta to Leongatha. The sound bath meditation was beautiful. I felt relaxed and at peace.

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    Christine Hance

    What a beautiful experience. So deeply relaxing. Will definitely be going to another one.

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    A wonderful experience

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    What a lovely relaxing hour and a half we had at Yoga Keys yesterday with Peta Minter and her amazing Sound Bath meditation..Singing bowls,gongs of different sizes ,melodic flutes among other beautifully sounding instruments made for the most relaxing and meditative environment to have on a rainy sat afternoon.
    As always Christiane had prepared the room so beautifully with lit candles down the passage way into our room and sweet little native flowers on each pillow for us , just made it even more special.
    What a truly peaceful experience

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    Deeply relaxing and unique experience. Loved every moment!

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