Yoga Therapy

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Experience the peace and calm of being deeply relaxed.

Relieve physical and emotional pain by removing energetic blocks in the body.

Receive the intuitive insights to your life’s challenges.

Yoga Therapy uses supported postures, breath, energetic and awareness techniques to free yourself of suppressed emotions, pain and insecurity.

Yoga Therapy is a 1 hour, one-on-one healing private yoga session with Christiane.

These sessions are designed to assist people who have encountered mental, physical and spiritual set backs in their life and need a helping hand to refocus and heal.

Christiane’s years of Yoga practice have enabled her to develop an intuitive, nurturing environment that helps her students to begin the healing process and remove the blocks in the body to allow the energy to flow through as it is meant to.

Using gravity supported static poses you will learn that by melting these limitations in the body you will begin healing, leaving you in a light and rejuvenated state, ready to move forward in a positive way.

One session and multiple session packages available.

  • To arrange a consultation appointment, please organise a time by contacting Christiane on 0419 518 663.
  • One session or multiple session packages available.
  • Yoga Keys studio

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Winter Timetable starts 10th June – 18th July 2019.

Yoga Keys Winter timetable 2019

3 reviews for Yoga Therapy

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    Durelle Lind

    After having a yoga therapy session with Christiane l am able to let go of blockages and move forward with my healing, this really was an amazing experience 🙏

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    Consulting with Christiane has been an amazing help, enabling me to find a clearer path to reaching my goals and valuing my self and time. Thank you!!!

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    Participating in consultation sessions with Christiane has been an extremely valuable, beneficial and rewarding experience. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to share and grow in a supportive and confidential environment.

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