There is a little place called Yoga Keys
When you join you’ll be very pleased
You’ll stretch your body and your mind
You’ll learn how to be kind
You’ll meet the lovely Christiane
Her voice will be like a soothing psalm
You might shed some tears
You might face some fears.
But stay calm
You’re in the nurturing hands of Christiane.

Adorned with plants, flowers and soft music, the studio is very inviting
Christiane has created an environment so soothing
Come on in and leave your shoes and ‘day’ at the door
Breathe and ‘let go’ as you relax on the floor
Under her guidance you’ll be like the Lotus Flower
Understanding that change is in your power
She will teach you to be forgiving
And all about conscious living
About living in the present mindfully,
And not getting caught in the physicality
To be true to who we are, authentically
With mudras we engage in the spirituality
Her greatest gift has been through the power of meditation
Encouraging us to listen to our intuition.

The postures will activate our nervous system
We will open our channel of consciousness, if we listen
We will balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain
With breathing we will ease any bodily pain
Understand it is your own yoga journey you will find
And that a flexible spine is a flexible mind.
Activating chakras to aid healing and become a balanced tower
Sitting in a triangle, we seek alignment of love light and will power
We are encouraged to be grateful to our body and soul
And to find purpose, for the good of the whole
To eat healthy, organic, sleep well – no second chances
To surrender and ask the universe for answers.

We love the French accent with which we are taught
Reminding us that ‘Energy Follows Thought’
I am forever grateful to Christiane
As my light now shines
In my mind I file her wisdom and weekly treasures
Blossoming and opening my ‘lotus leaves’ has been my endeavour.

We are blessed with love and light

Helen Patterson

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