Terms & Conditions

  1. Injury, Loss or Damage

    I acknowledge that I have stated any injuries, ailments or conditions which would prevent me from undertaking yoga practice within my limits of comfort and safety. I agree to take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage of any kind that I incur as a result of attending these events. This includes being responsible for my own safety with the use of props and movement around the room or allocated space. I agree that any teacher, substitute teacher or invited teacher of Yoga Keys will not be liable in any way for any injury, loss or damage I may incur during a yoga class, course, workshop, retreat or event, including as a result of written or verbal information provided. I will be responsible for myself and accept that the teacher’s guidance and instruction are from an educated and information background. I agree to practice all yoga practices slowly and without strain. I agree to inform the yoga teacher if I am pregnant and of any changes in my health condition prior to commencing or continuing in, each class, workshop or retreat.

  2. Refunds & Cancellations Policy

    All Yoga Keys classes, course, workshops and retreats are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

    I accept that these events have limited space, and that advance booking and payment ensures my place. As cancellation creates administrative work and may preclude another person from attending, a cancellation policy applies. All cancellations are required by email to info@yogakeys.com.au. All cancelations incur an administrative fee of 20% of the total payment.

    Christiane reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop or event whereby the attendance is less than 5 students.

    Individual circumstances may be considered at the discretion of Yoga Keys.

  3. Classes, Courses & Workshops

    All Yoga Keys classes, courses and workshops are non-transferable between other classes, courses or workshops and must be used during the term in which they were purchased.Contact Christiane Seletto on 0419 518 663 or info@yogakeys.com.au if you have any concerns.

  4. Hatha Yoga Classes

    INTRO 1-CLASS, DROP-IN (1-CLASS), 5-CLASS passes may be used towards any available Hatha Yoga class for the time-slot selected.  

    10-CLASS, 15-CLASS & 20-CLASS passes allow students to enroll into a full term of Hatha Yoga classes for the time-slot selected plus with the remaining classes towards any other Hatha Yoga class outlined in the timetable.

    INTRO 1-CLASS PASSES are available for new students wishing to try the class out and are limited to 1 per person.

    Some classes may reach the maximum attendance capacity and therefore additional students arriving to the studio will unfortunately be unable to attend.

  5. Payment Methods

    All Yoga Keys classes, courses, workshops and retreats must be paid in full prior to the beginning of your first class.During the term, Yoga Keys classes, courses, workshops, retreats and online shop are payable using Mastercard, Visa and PayPal. 

    All online purchases use the PayPal payment gateway which allows payment from all major credit cards.

    You are still able to use the PayPal gateway to make payment with Mastercard or Visa even if you do not have a registered PayPal account.

    Please note there will be a 2 week window prior to the beginning of each term whereby BSB payments will be accepted. It must be stated that due to the payment delay of BSB as a method of payment, it will not be a payment option during the term period.

    Under special circumstances whereby the term has commenced and the customer is unable to purchase using a credit card, an alternative payment method shall be provided by Yoga Keys.

  6. Privacy Policy

    All information received from the Yoga Keys website including contact information will not be given to any third-party organisations. We may use customer contact details to email promotional or upcoming information regarding class, course, workshop or retreats.The customer has the right to opt out of receiving any emails we send, at any time. This is the customers choice and we will respect this at all times.Please note that Yoga Keys may take photographs, audio and/or video during classes, courses, workshops, retreats or events for educational and promotional purposes. These may be used for marketing and publicity in publications, on the website, in social media or in a third-party publication. If you do not wish to be included, please notify Christiane via email at info@yogakeys.com.au.

  7. Health Fund Rebates for Yoga Classes

    Yoga has gained a well-deserved reputation as a safe and effective complementary health practice for a wide range of conditions, and has become an accepted part of the Australian health-care system. A growing numbers of health insurance funds now provide rebates for yoga.

    Yoga Australia Member Number: 2705

    View Health Funds that provide Rebates for Yoga Classes.

    Yoga Keys will provide you with a receipt for your online registration once payment is received.