Week 6: Visioner Tonic


The 6th Chakra, known as Ajna is located between your eyebrows. It is the third eye that sees inwards.

Physically, it is connected with the pituitary gland which releases serotonin. Working on this energy centre opens up our vision, our intuition.

Mango is the king of fruits, rich in bioflavonoids, antioxidants, fibre and Vitamin C. This delicate shake activates the vibration of light, and when combined with the influence of blackberry, it will help you attain a sublime mind.

Flaxseed oil is nature’s richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, and among its many health benefits can relieve arthritis symptoms, help prevent atherosclerosis (the accumulation of fatty deposits inside the blood vessels that many people experience as they get older) and improve mental function in older people.

My family loves it, though they prefer it without the mint.

1 mango, stoned and chopped or frozen
175g (3/4 cup) fresh or frozen blackberries
240 ml (1cup) filtered water
1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint leaves
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Place all the ingredients in a blender and puree.

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